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About Bali Hai Adventure Tours

bali hai bike tour logoEstablished in late 2012, we started as a small cycling tour company (known as Bali Hai Tour) with main objective providing unique & personal cycling trips through rural Bali while at the same time giving our guests a memorable experience by letting them witness at first hand the daily life, local customs and age-old traditions of the Balinese people. Currently we also offer other non-biking adventure activities and tours so that you can explore Bali island in various different ways.

Being a relatively new company, we offer something new and different to our customers. By creatively combining cycling activities through exclusive tracks with sightseeings and authentic cultural tour we are able to give travelers the opportunity to explore the unspoiled & lesser seen countryside of Bali and gain an insight to the unique culture of our island at the same time.

Variety of cycling routes will keep you interested throughout the bike riding session. We keep finding new routes to accommodate different levels of fitness and add variation to the existing tracks.

We are NOT copy-paste version of other existing cycling tour companies. In fact many other companies try to imitate us, resemble our design and some even copy our texts and scrap some of our contents without permission. But we believe visitors will be able to recognize that. You can simply compare our design, our tour itinerary and photo/video gallery to find out the differences.

We have some unique routes which are exclusive to us and NOT available elsewhere. Bamboo forest, special off-road tracks, Penglipuran Traditional Village, ancient Kehen Temple and beautiful hidden waterfall are some of our exclusive routes. Check out our photo gallery pages for sample pictures of our routes as well as massive collections of our client photos during the trips.

Bali Hai Adventure Tours is fully owned and operated by native Balinese. This family owned business is run by a group of young balinese who are extremely knowledgeable of the local area and takes great pleasure in showing guests some of the most beautiful parts of the island that they may otherwise not get to see.

bali hai adventure tour team - cycling crew

Our dedicated and enthusiastic bike team is on hand to give you their full support and to ensure that you have the most memorable and exhilirating trip. Our friendly guides have unmatched knowledge of all the roads and trails in Bali and will take you on some of the best downhill routes that Bali has to offer.

bali hai bike tour bicycles new bikes 2016

Our mountain bikes have been specially selected for all levels, whether you are an advanced rider or just a beginner. Children’s bike and baby/child seats are also available.

Safety of our guests is of paramount importance to us. All our mountain bikes are new and well maintained and come with full suspension and both front and rear disc brakes which add the enjoyment of your ride.

We upgrade our equipments regularly to ensure all clients get the best experience during their tour with us. To rejuvenate our equipments, we have just bought another brand new bikes (full suspension+rear & front disc brakes).

Be the first to ride them!

Why with us?

Exclusive cycling tracks

While most other companies share the same routes (at least 60% of their routes will be similar to each other, only differ in finish point), our ultimate package offers exclusive routes. In addition to rice paddies and rural villages, we also offer you an amazing bamboo forest track as well as some spectacular off road paths and secret hidden back roads. You won't meet other parties from other company along the way. You can also now visit beautifull waterfall at the end of the ride.

Exclusive stops for cultural insights

We stop at a very famous traditional village in Bali called Penglipuran, visit an ancient public temple called Pura Kehen(ultimate+ package only). Please note that we will go inside the temple (not just peeking from the outside). All entrance fees and tickets including sarongs are already covered in the price. Optional stops at handicraft workshop, old balinese house, traditional local market and a unique Pura Taman temple are also available.

Small group tours

The groups are kept small at maximum of 6 or 7 participants (unless you have your own private group). At least two guides available to accompany you during the trip. Smaller group tour will also ensure you get a personal and quality tour. You will feel safer as there are many guides who will be looking after you especially when you also take your little children joining the bike tour. If you bring your own group (which is more than 12 participants) and don't want to be splitted into smaller groups, we will provide more guides to accompany your group.

Fun, friendly and professional guides and staffs

Our guides and staffs are always ready to give their full support to ensure that you have the most wonderfull and memorable experience during your trip with us.

Well maintained equipments

We use well maintained and high quality equipment to ensure your comfort and safety. Clean and well maintained vehicles and bikes are at your disposal. Back up bikes are always ready in case you need them. Supporting vans will also follow us from start to finish, one who cannot continue the ride can safely get back into the car.

Plenty of lovely spots for photo taking opportunity

As you ride through our scenic cycling tracks and visit our stopping points, there will be so many lovely and amazing spots for taking beautiful photos. Do not ever forget to bring your digital camera. See our photo gallery page for sample of photos taken during the trip.

Magnificent view during the trip

The scenery you get during the tour is something you do not get if you take the normal tours. Beautiful paddy fields, a secret bamboo forest, quiet green countryside, hilly streets, scenic back roads, off road trails, temples, waterfall, etc.

Well organized small company

All member of the team (including the owner) are native Balinese who have been working together for years so they understand each other very well. They also come from the same village. Everything from the booking, pick up, breakfast, cycling routes, lunch and return transfer are well arranged to ensure you enjoy spending your day with us. We also create and maintain our own website (luckily one of our team know how to do that) so that we can limit the dependencies in other people/companies in running the business.

Advance and easy booking

Our online booking system is designed to make reservation process as easy and quick as possible. You can also check for availability and price calculation right from the booking page which will reduce the needs of constant emailings and in turn reduce the use of your valuable time. You will have more time available for another purpose like booking a hotel or planning another activities for your holiday. Any booking confirmation will take no longer than 6 hours.
We also accommodate those who want to pay or send us deposit online via PayPal. Payment via wire/bank transfer is also available.



Our Team

Bali Hai Adventure consists of professional and experience person in their field. Most of them have been in tourism industry for years. Providing great customer's experience is our main priority. During the trip (especially bike trip), you will meet at least one of the following persons (our cycling guides will be wearing bright-green colour shirt):

bali hai adventure tour team - wayan

Wayan is one of our main cycling guides. You are likely to meet him during your cycling trip. He is very friendly and loves making jokes. Your day will be full of laughs by having him as your cycling guide. He specialises in handling group with children, girls and beginners as his patience and safety consciousness will make you thank him later. He knows our cycling routes really well so if you need a picturesque spot for photo opportunities, you can count on him. He will be happily taking your pictures during the trip.

bali hai adventure tour team - Kadek

Kadek is a multi talented person. His main task is actually dealing with booking/reservation but he can also be a guide if needed. He speaks and writes English well. You are likely in touch with him during correspondence or booking process. In his spare time, he can also be a mechanic, repairing broken bikes is one of his hobbies beside photography and videography. He also takes care of the company's website. As a small company, we save a lot of cost by having him in our team because we no longer need to hire separate webmaster, bike mechanic, photo/video editor, booking staf and cycling guide. We have all those things in this one guy. You may sometimes see him taking picture/videos of you during the bike tour. Most of the time, you will meet him with Wayan (another guide) during the bike ride.

bali hai adventure tour team - Made

Made is one of our drivers. He has years of experience as a tourist driver. He is very polite yet friendly. His driving style will ensure you have a comfortable and safe ride. He also knows a lot of alternative roads available in particular area, this can be very useful to avoid traffic jam which is now become a familiar circumstances in Bali.

bali hai adventure tour team - Dewa

Dewa is also one of our driver. He is younger brother of Made. Just as his brother, you will enjoy a comfortable and safe ride with him. He also has years of experience as a tour guide. You might also sometimes see him driving our bike's truck, following you from behind just in case you need to change your bike or want to finish the ride earlier.

bali hai adventure tour team - Nyoman

Nyoman is our driver and also tour & cycling guides. You are likely to meet him as a driver during low season and as a guide during high season. Sport and listening to music are his hobby, he goes to gym almost everyday. You can easily recognise him from his big posture. He has years of experience as a freelance driver and guide. Just like our other drivers, comfort and safety are his priority. However if you are in a hurry and in need of fast yet safe driver, you can count on him.

We are committed to providing our clients the best quality of service.
Customer satisfaction is our main priority.

Join us now !!!

Contact Information

Jl Sadewa, Bukit Batu Village,
Gianyar-Ubud, 80512

phone. +(62) 877 6112 5202
phone. +(62) 813 5394 5123



In order to keep our booking management simple & easily managed and to ensure fast and responsive communication with all our customers, we have decided to NOT affiliated with other third party agencies/marketplaces. All tours listed in this website can only be booked through our website's booking system or by contacting us directly by phone/SMS, e-mail or WhatsApp.

We only provide support for direct reservation made through the website

Please don't get confused by other similar named product/company. If you have booked a similar tour elsewhere, most likely it is NOT with our company thus we are not held responsible or liable for any supports or future problem in regards to that booking.

We believe that our unique itineraries combined with our authentic and exclusive cycling routes will guarantee give you a memorable and truly unique experience that you will NOT get at other typical cycling tour company which mostly offers almost identical services.

Please check out and compare our tour itinerary for more details.

What they said...


Best experience in Bali - ever!

From start to finish, this was what can only be described as a memorable day. And memorable for all the right reasons. The ride itself was exhilarating! Through jungle, bamboo forest, villages, farms, rice fields... we felt like we have seen the REAL Bali. We enjoyed delicious (and authentic) Indonesian cuisine (even eating the rice grown in the fields we sat overlooking!), visited temples (ours timed perfectly to view a once-a-year ceremony), drank locally made coffee overlooking terraced hillsides... more »

Miranda Miller
(Perth, Australia)

Awesome day of cycling and sightseeing

Bali Hai guys were absolutely fabulous, very attentive to our every needs, fun and friendly.

We have 2 children 8 and 11 and they were fabulous with them ensuring they were safe at all times. Fabulous riding through the bamboo forest and they also took plenty of photos for us to remember our day which was a great bonus we had not expected.

Wouldn't hesitate to recommend this tour, the whole family loved it! Thanks to the Bali Hai team... more »

Darren K.
(New South Wales, Australia)

Fabulous bike adventure

We completed the Bali Hai Bike tour and it was one of the best value for money tours we have done.

It was an enjoyable experience meandering throughout the countryside with plenty of stops along the way to take in the sights. The staff were fantastic interacting with you and knowledgeable about the area.

They were also very conscience about safety and made sure you were kept safe while biking. We have already recommended the tour to a couple staying at our resort!!... more »

Larry & Julie
(Melbourne, Australia)

Great people, great tour

Our guide was very friendly and we learned a lot about Bali from him. The track itself is very interesting and we saw parts we would never get the chance to see otherwise. It is pretty active and you will be a bit tired after it, but happy :))

I recommend this tour to everyone who wants to see something else than "Bali for tourists" in Kuta. Thanks to our very very nice guide!

It was a great day!... more »

Zana & Dodo
(Zagreb, Croatia)

We have also extended our services by providing a team of private drivers equipped with new vehicles. If you would like to arrange for another services, we can help you with all your transportation needs and we can organize any schedule you may need during your trip in Bali.

We also arrange for other adventure activities such as Ubud Rafting, Telaga Waja Rafting, Safari Park, Waterfall Trekking, Cruising, Water Sports, Elephant Back Safari, Mount Batur Volcano Hiking etc.

Feel free to contact us for more information.