Bali bike ride through the bamboo forest

Testimonials 2013

This page contains collection of testimonies written by our clients in 2013. They shared their reviews, feedbacks, opinions and experiences they had during the trips with Bali Hai Adventure Tours which are very useful for us in term of our service improvement in the future and hopefully will be also useful for you as a reference guide.

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  • “Incredible experience”

    Annette - Incredible experienceWhat a great, authentic, valuable and fun experience.

    I cannot express my enthusiasm enough about our tour with Bali Hai Tour. I have two small children and they looked after us in a very professional manner. We were kept safe from the traffic and was shown an insight into the real Bali. It was THE highlight of our stay in Bali.

    Please consider this Bali Hai to support a local business who is trying to do something different for tourism in Bali.

    Wonderful work Kadek and the Bali Hai team.

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    Annette W (Melbourne, Australia)

    December 2013

  • “Fabulous bike adventure”

    Larry - Fabulous bike adventureWe completed the Bali Hai Bike tour and it was one of the best value for money tours we have done.

    It was an enjoyable experience meandering throughout the countryside with plenty of stops along the way to take in the sights. The staff were fantastic interacting with you and knowledgeable about the area. They were also very conscience about safety and made sure you were kept safe while biking.

    We have already recommended the tour to a couple staying at our resort!!

    See more photos

    Larry & Julie (Melbourne, Australia)

    December 2013

  • “Best cycling tour in Bali”

    Lisa - Best cycling tour in BaliThanks Kadek and team for conducting the excellent and well guided tour for us.

    We had a wonderful time and saw the Bali countryside at its best. Even though I am not a strong cyclist, I managed the whole route without much problem, the main thing is to have good control of your brakes as its downhill all the way...... and the guides took some lovely photos for us and even put up an album for us! Such attention to detail..... and the sumptious lunch after the trip in the mountainside overlooking the best view is more than I ever expected... worth every cent, highly recommend!

    See more photos of Lisa & Mike.

    Lisa & Mike (Singapore)

    December 2013

  • “Worth every penny!!”

    Afni - Worth every pennyGreat and unique experience to venture Bali all in one round up: culture, nature, colour and sound.

    All are exposed in one day tour. Professional and friendly supercool tour guide and crew, makes your mountain bike cycling so much fun!

    Thanks Agus and friends! Not forgetting the delicious bali lunch buffet. Superlike! love, afni & putra

    See more photos of Afni & Putra.

    Afni (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

    October 2013

  • “Great people, great tour”

    Zana - Great people, great tourOur guide was very friendly and we learned a lot about Bali from him.

    The track itself is very interesting and we saw parts we would never get the chance to see otherwise.

    It is pretty active and you will be a bit tired after it, but happy :))

    I recommend this tour to everyone who wants to see something else than "Bali for tourists" in Kuta.

    Thanks to our very very nice guide! It was a great day!

    See more photos of Zana & Dodo.

    Zana Šaškin (Zagreb, Croatia)

    October 2013

  • “Downhill cycle ride in Bali”

    MaryAnn West - Downhill cycle ride in BaliWe had a thoroughly enjoyable cycling experience with Bali Hai, and have no hesitation in recommending them.

    The cycle route was well thought out, and offered varied landscapes from rural paths, villages and the back streets of a town.

    The guides were at all times safety conscious, yet fun to be around. The first part of the trip was by vehicle, where we stopped to admire rice terraces, visited a charming outdoor coffee tasting cafe. The cycle tour ended with a tasty meal at the rural and rustic BaliHai outdoor cafe.

    An outing which was well worth the time!

    MaryAnn West (Cape Town, South Africa)

    September 2013

  • “Bali mountain bike safari”

    Bali mountain bike safariMy girlfriend and I recently joined Bali Hai Bike Tours for a day of mountain biking on Bali.

    This was a really excellent trip. The service provided was really first rate, right from email correspondence whilst planning my trip to Bali, up to the moment where they dropped us back at our accommodation after a great day out. The day encompassed a stop at a 'cat-poo coffee' 'farm' - with samples, breakfast overlooking Mt. Batur, bike pick-up, then a tour through lots of villages, past temples and through rice paddies and the bamboo forest, ending up at Bali Hai's dining facility in the middle of a rice paddies, for some well earned food - which was delicious. The day was book-ended by a pick-up and drop off service - which, if you happen to be staying in Ubud, involved a 30-45 minute journey. All of this for the very reasonable sum of $50. make the memories go further, a set of photographs of your day in your inbox when you get back home! Wow. I can't recommend this highly enough. To the Bali Hai Bike team - Great work guys, and many thanks indeed for a wonderful day!

    Matt + Gemma :-)

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    Matthew Ling (Cambridge, UK)

    September 2013

  • “Greatest Trip Ever”

    Greatest Trip EverWow, where do I start.

    I have been to Bali too many times to recall but have never done this tour. Done the white water, done the monkeys, done the Safari, pretty well done everything bali has had to offer and will do again, but never done the bike ride. (how silly was I).

    This was the highlight of my recent ten days holiday, the two guides were the greatest, the bikes were great, the tour as a whole was the greatest experience. Coffee part of tour was great, breakfast was good, lunch was great but the riding was totally awesome. After judging our ability in the first km we were taken through villages, through jungle, down roads, down stairs, of jumps, through ceremonies, down back lanes, along rice paddies, and down tracks I don't think locals know are there.

    We were able to see a part of Bali that most tourist don't get to see and for that I am thankful. My personal riding experience is I have not been on a bike since I was 16 and purchased a motorbike (24 years ago) and my fitness level is when I purchased my motorbike the first thing I did was go buy a packet of smokes. (Athelete of the year)

    Just letting you know this to wipe out any poor excuse you may be making for yourself not to do it. This would have to be the greatest tour ever and they give you pictures to remember it.

    Sean Clark (Hillston, Australia )

    September 2013

  • “Awesome Bali Adventure - just do it!”

    Awesome Bali Adventure - just do it!This was one of the best days we have had. We organised a private tour with Bali Hai so we could go at our own pace as we had young children. They were very accommodating and helpful. Riding around the villages and rice paddies was extremely enjoyable and we loved stopping and talking with local villagers. My children, ages 11 and 8 thoroughly enjoyed the day, even though they were hesitant at first.

    Riding through the Bamboo forest was amazing. This experience was well away from the usual tourist hype. Since this was a private tour we were able to skip things we had either seen or didn't want to see. There are only so many temples children will tolerate.

    The guides were so good. We had Wayan, Kadek and Dewa (I hope I spelt that right). The ride was mostly a comfortable downhill roll, with some flat roads. The few hills we had to tackle were only small. On the hills, Dewa would jump off his bike and run beside my daughter, pushing her up the hill, all the while pushing his own bike along as well. They set a comfortable pace and were happy for us to stop when the kids needed a rest.

    This is an ideal activity for families, and anyone really.

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    Wendi McAlpine (Melbourne, Australia)

    September 2013

  • “Amazing experience!”

    Amazing experience!This was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had on holidays!!

    Although this was my first time to Bali I feel like I experienced so much in one day. The ride was well set out and showcased Bali's beautiful countryside taking us through small rice fields, farms, villages, a bamboo jungle and culminated with a traditional Balinese meal overlooking a magnificent view of rice fields and the ocean.

    Thank you Kadek and team for a fantastic day out!!!

    See complete photos of Miranda & Claire.

    Claire Johnson (Adelaide, Australia)

    September 2013

  • “Best experience in Bali - ever!”

    Best experience in Bali - everFrom start to finish, this was what can only be described as a memorable day. And memorable for all the right reasons.

    The ride itself was exhilarating! Through jungle, bamboo forest, villages, farms, rice fields... we felt like we have seen the REAL Bali. We enjoyed delicious (and authentic) Indonesian cuisine (even eating the rice grown in the fields we sat overlooking!), visited temples (ours timed perfectly to view a once-a-year ceremony), drank locally made coffee overlooking terraced hillsides, visited traditional homes, and saw more amazing scenery than we could photograph. And speaking of photos: days later we received a link to download shots taken of us in action, by one of the guides. So great to have pics of us on the bikes, in the amazing surrounds. It felt like such a great achievement to reach our destination (though we weren't too tired, as it was all downhill!) - we were buzzing for hours - even days - afterwards!

    This was, hands-down, the best day I've had in Bali - and I've been six times over 20 years!

    See complete photos of Miranda & Claire.

    Miranda Miller (Perth, Australia)

    September 2013

  • “A must do activity in Bali”

    Angela - Flawless experience through rural Bali Just wanted to express our gratitude and thanks for such a wonderful bike tour!!!

    We absolutely had the best time on the trip and it was such a fantastic Bali experience. I loved that we were away from the tourist traps and were able to experience the "real" and colourful Bali, seeing the temples, visiting the traditional village, riding through rice paddies, taking the back way through villages, riding through the bamboo forest. The downhill bike route was a breeze and even crossing a large busy intersection was easy with our personal traffic stopper!!

    The home-cooked buffet lunch at the end of the trip was authentic and delicious. I also loved our small group size (4 people).

    I can honestly say that your bike tour was the highlight of our 11 day Bali trip and I will be recommending your tour to everyone. The personalised photo album you sent us was the cherry on top of a flawless experience. Definitely value for money.

    Thank you, and keep up the good work!!!!!!!!

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    Angela & Alan (Sydney, Australia)

    August 2013

  • “The best tour we had in BALI !”

    Irene - The best tour we had in BALIWe booked a private bike tour with Bali Hai bike tours, we had the BEST adventure tour in Bali that day !

    All the guides were fun and professional, good with kids and teens, we also met their families and shared a good meal at the end of the tour; It was a beautiful tour through the bambou forests near UBUD.

    I highly recommend this tour for everybody who comes to UBUD .

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    Irene Bosvy (Metz, France)

    August 2013

  • “Great team and great value”

    Kelly - Great team and great value!We noticed other bike tours on roads and some without helmets, were a little nervous.

    But when we meet our tour guides they were very professional, patient and caring. We were provided with instruction and helmets, we had a young family with us and the guides were great with kids.

    They provided an informative and educative tour. We went through some lovely tranquil areas and people were very friendly. I read trip advisor before I booked any tours and made my choice booking this before leaving Australia. Had the best time, at 47 I hadn't rode a pushy in years and did this easy, ending with beautiful dinner, would recommend for all.

    * As an added bonus one of our guide took photos, which he posted via email for free. He had taken some wonderful photos, a great keepsake for my daughter and I on our first overseas holiday together. Thanks Bali Hai Bike.

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    Kelly Keith (Blue mountains, Australia)

    July 2013

  • “The best way to enjoy the Bali countryside!”

    Robert - The best way to enjoy the Bali countrysideThis is an excellent way to spend a day with three young kids in the Bali country side. Having now done this once, we will do it every time we go to Bali. Well worth the money, the time, the experience. By the end, everyone happy, everyone satisfied, everyone tired.

    Family of 5 - mum and dad, oldest boy (8 years), second boy(7 years) and youngest (3 years). A tough audience to satisfy for an entire day.

    We booked our day tour with Kadek and the team on line late on a Sunday night (9pm), requesting our trip on Tuesday (just over one day later). Kadek was very responsive, replying on the same Sunday night, emailing back and forth several times to confirm our requirements, timing, pickup, price etc.. By 10pm, we were all confirmed. The paypal payment option made it very convenient.

    We bought a full day private tour.

    The day started with an 8am pickup from our hotel lobby. After a long scenic drive (90 minutes+) which took us from crowded and bustling Kuta to the quiet and relaxed Bali country side, we arrived at a rural coffee bean plantation, just what we needed at that time. We then drove on to one of Bali's well known volcano sites (Mount Batur) where we had a simple and fresh breakfast in a local store. We then drove on to some local rice field and village sites where we met Kadek, Agus and the rest of the team. The time at this stage was approximately 11am.

    photo session in bamboo forestEach of us had our own bike. Proper mountain bikes for everyone, gears, mountain brakes etc., all well maintained, all safe. Our youngest had a child seat strapped to my bike. Cold bottled water was provided. We were followed by our passenger van and a mini truck for the bikes in case any of us became too tired and wanted a break.

    Our second son had some trouble remembering how to ride his bike. Agus and Kadek made sure this was not a problem, hovering close to our son, catching him before he fell, slowing him down, whatever was needed.

    We rode through rice fields, stopped in at local villages, went on some bamboo trails and several other paths. The team was excellent, we had 4+ team members on bikes with us at various times plus the guys in the passenger van and mini truck.

    The day ended with a traditional Balinese late lunch (3pm), rice, chicken satay, noodles, fried chicken (the kids loved this), some other tasty treats. By 4pm, we were back in the passenger van and being driven back to our hotel. Traffic treated us kindly and we were walking through the hotel lobby at just past 5pm.

    See complete photos of Rob's family bike tour in our photo gallery.

    Robert Thorpe (Singapore)

    July 2013

  • “Brilliant day out through the countryside!”

    Kellie - Brilliant day out through the countryside!What a way to introduce yourself to Bali. :)

    I booked the Bali Hai tour for my family and it was a fantastic activity for us. I thought we would have one guide but we had four or five. The guides answered questions, made us laugh, ensured a safe passage across intersections etc... and helped whenever we needed it.

    The tour covers a lot of ground but it is downhill so relatively easy. The scenery ranges from rural rice paddies, small villages, larger towns, rainforest gullies with waterfalls and rivers, bamboo forests, jungle villages, 1000-year-old temples, it is truly wonderful. Relaxing as well as interesting.

    another countrysideMy boys are aged 9 and 11 and they had no trouble completing the bike tour. If you do tire out there is a back-up car that follows, in case anyone wants to opt out of the bike ride for a while.

    Bali Hai provide two meals on the tour. One at the start, a breakfast overlooking Mt Batur volcano and lake at Kintamani and another at the end of the bike ride in the tour organiser's village among the rice fields. The latter was the best meal I had in Bali. The food was fresh and delicious, traditional and flavoured beautifully with Balinese spices.

    The first part of the tour is by van and visits a coffee plantation and Kintamani. We did see some other bike tours out and about in those areas but I was very happy I chose Bali Hai for mine. The roads in those areas are extremely busy and it did not look very safe. We ended up biking through a quieter, lesser seen side of Bali for three or four hours.

    Bali Hai bike tour is excellent value, exceptionally run and very enjoyable. I can't recommend it highly enough. Thanks Bali Hai for a brilliant day out for my family and I.

    Kellie Morle (Sydney, Australia)

    July 2013

  • “Fantastic Bike Tour”

    Kaia - Fantastic Bike TourOur Bali Hai Bike Tour was recommended by a friend and was definitely the best advice we got for our trip!

    We saw a different side of Bali while travelling through villages, temples and being "off the beaten track."

    The Bali Hai staff were really friendly and made our experience so enjoyable. Nothing was too much trouble for them.

    We'll be telling our friends about this and it was a highlight of our holiday!

    See another Kaia's photos in our photo gallery.

    Kaia Lang (Perth, Australia)

    July 2013

  • “What a blast!”

    Bill - what a blast!What a great tour!

    We saw so much of the backroads and off the beaten track places that I would have never been able to see if I had not gone on this tour. The day I was on tour, it started raining and just wouldn't stop. The group elected to ride through the torrential rains. it was so much fun, everyone was soaking wet. The local children all came running out to wave to us as we rode by. It was a wonderful experience.

    These guys to a great job and take really good care of their guests. It was the perfect ending to my Bali holiday.

    See another Bill's photos in our photo gallery.

    William 'Bill' Schmitt (Chicago, USA)

    July 2013

  • “Brilliant!”

    Russell - brilliant bali private bike tourOur family of five (2 adults and children aged 10,7,3) had a fantastic time on this tour.

    The staff went out of their way to care for our children in a way that we were not expecting. The two older children were a little cautious about doing this activity, however the guides assisted them at every step including carrying their bikes when required and placing them in the support vehicle when the rides became a little windy or when they were tired. Our 3 year old rode in a seat on one of the bikes and was well catered for. We saw more on this trip that we could imagine and were pleased that our children were able to experience the real Bali with us.

    See more photos of Russel's private family bike tour in our photo gallery.

    Russell Davidson (Melbourne, Australia)

    June 2013

  • “Best Adventure Ever!”

    Travis - Best Adventure EverThis is 6 / 5 Stars. I'd add another one if I could.

    This was the greatest adventure of my life. I seriously cannot express how memorable and incredibly life-changing and eye opening this bike tour was.

    They have the tour down to a science: and truly put the customers first. The tour was supposed to end at 3pm, but my friends and I wanted to see everything. They never rushed us, and took us around to many places that I will never forget. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!! This is a MUST do to ANYONE going to Bali! I was only there for two days, and this tour single handedly made the trip worth while.

    THANK YOU SINCERELY from the tourists from California and Ohio!

    See more photos of Travis & friends' bike adventure in our photo gallery.

    Travis and friends (Ohio, USA)

    June 2013

  • “Bali Hai Bike tour - Fantastic!”

    gary quan - bamboo forest rideWould recommend this tour to anyone, you set the pace.

    This is the 4th bike ride I have done in Bali and by far the best. The mix of cycling and stopping off at interesting places is just right and the places you visit truly beautiful. I love the fact that we went biking through a bamboo forest, a unique experience and the villages we visited were fascinating.

    The guide and support crew are very helpful and the actual course is really interesting, getting off the roads and amongst the real Bali landscape and people. Riding plus seeing and learning about the true Bali and its culture is the perfect mix.

    We love our photos and they will keep our memories of a special experience shared fresh.

    See more photos of Julie & friends during the bike trip in our photo gallery.

    Julie Borret (Mingenew, Western Australia)

    June 2013

  • “Great bike tour in Bali”

    gary quan - bamboo forest rideTook the ultimate tour with Bali Hai and had an amazing time. Our hotel was in Nusa Dua so our pick up time was very early (7:30 am) and the car ride to the start of the tour was long (~2 hrs). However, once we were near Ubud, we got to enjoy some great country side sceneries from the van.

    First stop was the coffee plantation for coffee sampling and to stretch our legs a bit. It is then off to a breakfast stop at a restaurant with a great view of Mt Batur and the lake. After breakfast, we finally picked up our bikes to start on the best portion of the tour.

    We only had four people total in our group but we had 3 guides with us so the guide to tourist ratio was wonderful. Everyone at Bali Hai are super friendly and accommodating which makes the tour all that more enjoyable. We rode through bamboo forests, rice fields, authentic neighbours, temples, markets, etc. I would say that I enjoyed every single place we visited on this day. My wife and I both had a wonderful time just being on a bike and riding through the country side of Bali.

    I am fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to tour many different parts of the world and Bali Hai's cycling tour is definitely one of the best day tours that I have done in my 15+ years of travel. Highly recommended to anyone who enjoys a bit of exercise while sight seeing.

    See more photos of Gary & friends during the cycling trip in our photo gallery.

    Gary Quan (Vancouver, Canada)

    May 2013

  • “Absolutely Fantastic”

    rice fieldsWe took the ultimate tour a couple of days ago and have to say that I don't regret it!

    We were picked up at our hotel and taken to visit a coffee plantation where we could try some different teas and coffees, including the famous Kopi Luwak (50.000 IDR for a cup, the rest were already included in the price).

    After, we were driven to Kintamani for breakfast in a lovely place with awesome views to Mount Batur. Then it's when - after being driven for a while - we had to take the bikes. It was pouring rain, but the guys were ready, waiting for us with the bikes, helmets and raincoats! And a big smile on their faces, trying to take our thoughts away from the rain :)

    After a short explanation of how the gears work and setting the bikes we were off on the road! Have to say that after a while, the rain didn't bother us anymore. We rode through a fantastic bamboo forest with very good paths, villages, road, etc. and it was never unsafe! We were just 4 and had 3 guys on bikes, protecting us from the traffic on the roads and stopping the traffic on the crosses, and another one following us in a van, with a bike replacement just in case. They speak a very good English and were taking pictures of all of us!

    There are just 3-4 hills of no more of 100 meters, the rest is just downhill, so you only have to focus on the brakes. It's not demanding at all! :-) We visited penglipuran, an amazing and beatiful village, where we went into the houses also, to see how they live. We stop at Pura Kehen temple and went through stunning landscapes to finish having lunch in front of beautiful rice terraces.

    100% recommended tour, a MUST if you visit Bali!

    See complete photos of Lena & Gonzalez during the trip in our photo gallery.

    Lena & Gonzalez (Stavanger, Norway)

    May 2013

  • “Awesome day of cycling and sightseeing”

    bamboo forest photo sessionBali Hai guys were absolutely fabulous, very attentive to our every needs, fun and friendly. We have 2 children 8 and 11 and they were fabulous with them ensuring they were safe at all times.

    Fabulous riding through the bamboo forest and they also took plenty of photos for us to remember our day which was a great bonus we had not expected.

    Wouldn't hesitate to recommend this tour, the whole family loved it! Thanks to the Bali Hai team. Oh and lunch was delicious!

    See complete photos of Darren's family cycling trip in our photo gallery.

    Darren (New South Wales, Australia)

    May 2013

  • “Highlight of our Bali Holiday”

    village's narrow pathAbsolutely loved this tour and highly recommended!! Arrived on time to collect our group from our hotel in Seminyak.

    Visits included coffee plantation tour, breakfast overlooking Mount Batu volcano and of course the bike ride through the beautiful countryside, bamboo forests, temples and traditional Balinese villages, ending with an amazing meal at a little place tucked away in the middle of rice paddies.

    All staff were fun, friendly, helpful and professional. I could not fault this tour and could not recommend Bali Hai Bike Tours enough!!! I would do it again in a heart beat.

    Thanks Bali Hai guides, staff and the amazing cook who cooked up the amazing indonesian meal for us at the end for the wonderful experience and memories :-)

    See complete photos of Talei and friends in our photo gallery.

    Talei Reeves (Perth, Australia)

    May 2013

  • “Excellent customer attention”

    rice fieldsI had booked from Singapore itself. Though the five other participants dropped out last minute because of sickness, Bali Hai ran the programme for a single customer-ME.

    They gave me a new cycle, provided two guides, bought mosquito repellant cream and made sure I was safe where the terrain was a bit tricky. Also, they took photos to make my trip memorable.

    I recommend this cycle tour for their excellent personal.

    See complete photos of Shona in our photo gallery.

    Shona (Singapore)

    April 2013

  • “Fantastic Cycling Tour!”

    bamboo forest bike tour with FlaviaBali Hai Cycling Tour has been an amazing experience which I recommend to all visitors that go to Bali.

    It's a unique opportunity to explore the countryside temples of Bali, as well as get to know the people who live there! Besides that, the tour is very well organized and safe for all types of tourists. The guides are kind and experienced, which made us feel safe and the experience really enjoyable.

    See complete photos of Flávia and friends in our photo gallery.

    Flávia Aleixo (Rio de Jenairo, Brazil)

    March 2013

  • “Wonderful and memorable experience!”

    Joining Balinese farmers at works photo #8You guys are great! Fun, friendly and safe environment provided by you all in a very professional way to make a wonderful and memorable experience for us touring the beautiful countryside of Bali.

    I would say it's almost perfect and we really enjoyed the trip and even start sharing to our family and friends about it. We will treat the video clips from your link  as our honeymoon souvenir.

    Thank you again and we may cross path again some day.

    Watch countryside adventure of Andy & Grace in our video gallery.

    Andy & Grace (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

    March 2013

  • “Amazing Bangli-Ubud day out!”

    Nora and Haris at the rice paddiesWe have been to Bali on a few occasions, taking the usual tours and sightseeings, so this time we thought let's try something different, like cycling in Ubud since our son is already 6 years old.

    After typing cycling with little children online, this company's name popped up first, but we did an extensive research on all the bike tours before going back to Bali Hai. Since my husband mountain bikes a lot, and I don't, I cycle only on paths and roads, so cycling downhill off-road seems to meet in the middle and we took the Ultimate Bike tour. I can guarantee you one thing, the guides look after you so well it felt so safe even when having a small child on a child seat behind my husband, cycling on narrow and hilly streets and off road paths. One time a branch hit my son's helmet and he was strangled with the strap, the guides came rushing, not one but 3 just to stop my husband and untangled my boy, they were that attentive. The bikes were in very good condition and well serviced. Suspension of the bikes were good, I thought my hands will be swollen by the end of the journey because I forgot my gloves but nope, just the usual weariness. The helmets were good but we can't comment on the child helmet because we brought our son's own helmet from Malaysia.

    The scenery you go through is something you do not get if you take the normal tours. Beautiful paddy fields, a secret bamboo forest path (no other cycling tour will take you here), traditional Balinese houses and children running around, some unknown temples here and there, you also get to visit an old style of dwellings in Bali called Penglipuran and Pura Kehen before the 1 hour non stop cycling starts with sights of Bangli town (we rode through town) and market (yes we cycle between crowds at the market as well, it was fun). It was so safe, the guides will ride ahead and stop the traffic allowing us to cross without stopping or shielding us from the major traffic when once in a while we encountered major roads.

    cycle through plantationBut the best part, 3/4 of the routes are back roads and off road paths but since it is cycling downhill you don't feel tired at all. So many guides looking after us, 4 on bicycles, one each in front and at the back, and 2 on the side making sure we are shielded from the traffic, 2 on motorbikes ahead making sure the paths and roads are clear, 2 on the MPVs with our stuffs and bags since there were two groups in our tour. And they can see if you are tired, one of the guides will cycle next to you to just chat and explains about the sights just to keep your head away from your tiredness until the next stop. Or they will warn you ahead of dangerous curves and bumps, and if we are going up hills, they will tell you when to start pedalling quickly to get the pickup.

    We have many stops and each stop we will get new bottles of water. The nicest part is each group is assigned a guide. Ours is Kadek and he looked after us well. When the other group is lagging behind to snap photos, he will bring the three of us ahead to the next stop where the other group will catch up with us again. If we can do it together the groups cycle together. If not those who can cycle ahead while a few other guides will accompany those lagging behind especially during the 1 hour non stop cycling to the finish line.

    Well organised tour operator, from enquires via emails which was answered first from all of the tours we inquires, booking which we did online for deposit that was answered within minutes. To the pickup that morning at our hotel in Kuta, where the guide Made Blacky was there before 8 am for pick up. Trip up to Kintamani was through scenic route, Tegallalang and then to a coffee plantation that was very clean, new and with awesome sights as you sipped your morning caffeine (we have been to a few before so we can tell you this was the best of the plantations we have visited). Then to Kintamani for brunch and down to Bangli district to start the off road trip.

    Thank you so much again, Made Blacky for driving us up to Bangli and back to Kuta (and for driving behind us all the way to the end with our belongings) and to Kadek, from the first emails to booking to reminding us about the tour a day beforehand for accompanying our family throughout the 3 hours cycling trip. And to all the other guides, especially the one cycling next to me from Bangli town to finish line, I didn't get your name, and also the others that we didnt get a chance to get acquainted with, thank you for everything. Next Bali trip, we will hope to do this again.


    See another Nora's photos in our photo gallery.

    Noraliza (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

    March 2013

  • “A+ grades countryside adventure”

    The staff at Bali Hai Bike was great to work with. Kadek & Wayan had every detail covered. The route is amazing, riding through the bamboo forest is once in a lifetime opportunity, unforgettable!!! The stopping points are all on Bali's must see list. Their bikes are all new and top quality and their guides were knowledgeable and friendly as well. A+ grades on every aspect of their spectacular rides!

    Highly recommended.

    Brenda Waller (Perth, Australia)

    March 2013

  • “Wonderful cycling tour”

    I did this cycling tour today with 13 of my family and friends and had a great day.This was a lot of fun, you start the day with visiting a coffee plantation and you can try the Luwak coffee and about 7 coffee and tea varieties. We then drove to Kintamani and have breakfast over looking Mt Batur and Lake Batur. It is then time to start riding the 35kms of mainly down hill tour.

    The wonders of tours like this is you see the real traditional Balinese lifestyle of the country people. Going through the the Bamboo forest and visiting the traditional village of Penglipuran, which is a must see in Bali as well. It is really special having the local children waving and saying hello to us. I always take glitter pencils and small koala's, hoping I will see some children to give them to.This was very well run, very reasonably priced and every one had a wonderful time.

    Debbie (Adelaide, Australia)

    February 2013

  • “Stunning Experience”

    Taking part in Bali Hai Bike Tours was an amazing experience to have in Bali, especially on my first visit to Bali.

    Bali Hai Bike Tours offers a safe and friendly adventure in Bali that exposes you to many areas outside of the busy streets, and surprisingly it's not far and easy to get to. I have read information about Bali before but never realized that such beautiful villages and bamboo forest with so much greenery exists just along the countryside. The temple and the rice fields were also stunning. Ended with a lunch amid the rice fields, just perfect.... The tour has a great staff that made me feel safe and comfortable at all times and best of all they were all fun and professional.

    As far as I know, this is the only bike tour that include bamboo forest, penglipuran village and Kehen temple in their itinerary. I would recommend Bali Hai Bike Tours for anyone who enjoys exploring the countryside of Bali while having the adventure of being on a bicycle.

    Aurelia Atkinson (Preston, UK)

    February 2013

  • “Awesome bike ride thru Bali countryside”

    After finding this tour thru my research on TA we booked several months ago. All of my correspondence was handled promptly and professionally, even a last minute date change was no problem. My husband, 16 yo son and I did this tour on 20/1, it was our first day in Bali and it was fantastic, thoroughly would recommend this trip to anyone.

    The scenery is wonderful and you get a snapshot into the lives of the balinese people. We walked from compound to compound in the village and were always welcomed, one of the ladies offered us a taste of a rice treat as we saw them drying in the sun.I would suggest you need some level of fitness, the ride takes 3 hours and covers some 32 kms, most is downhill but there are a couple of uphill spots. Mostly you travel on tiny roads with no traffic but there a few sections on busier roads, the guides Agus and Wayan were fabulous and kept us safe. When I had had enough riding after 2 hours, I rode in the support car with Dewar, he is an interesting man and I enjoyed our conversation.

    In total we had 5 people assisting us throughout the day (I'm sorry I didnt get the other 2 names) and all 5 were very attentive, keeping us safe and ensuring we enjoyed the day.The lunch was fantastic, simple, fresh food with a splendid view. We were lucky enough to have the tour to ourselves and the guides gave us information along the way about what we were seeing. The itinerary for the whole day is great, and just enough.

    We all finished this day with some wonderful memories, very tired and for one of us with a sore but, but I would not have missed this for the world.

    Thank you so much Agus and your team you are gems, hope to see you all again.

    Donna Clancy (Brisbane, Australia)

    January 2013

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