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The Rice of Bali

rice of bali

The mountain lakes, the gentle climate and the volcano-enriched soils of Bali are ideally suited for the growing of rice (Oryza sativa). Although some of the islands’ rice-farming land is being converted to other uses, terraced rice fields are still the dominant feature of the rural landscape, and the cult and cultivation of rice remain much as they were in Neolithic times.

Steep terrain makes mechanization difficult and poses a particular problem for “wet rice farming” – water flows far below the arable land, in deep river gorges. The Balinese solution, which dates from as early as the 9th century AD, is an ingenious and complex network of irrigation channels, tunnels and aqueducts that diverts water from sources high up in the mountains to water-sharing communities known as subak.

The Rice-Growing Cycle

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