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Bali bike ride through the bamboo forest

Testimonials 2012

This page contains collection of testimonies written by our clients in 2012. They shared their reviews, feedbacks, opinions and experiences they had during the trips with Bali Hai Adventure Tours which are very useful for us in term of our service improvement in the future and hopefully will be also useful for you as a reference guide.

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  • “Fantastic Day Out”

    My wife and I had an amazing day out with Bali Hai Tour .

    Collection from our hotel was prompt and the driver was friendly and helpful.

    The team that took us down the hill were all very good. They spoke good english, talked about what we saw on the route and were very professional in terms of safety. When crossing roads for example, they would both take one side each to check for traffic and then allow us to cross.

    The food at the end of the trip was probably the best we ate in Bali. Set in amongst the rice terraces, no other tourists or traffic in sight. Brilliant.

    We saw lots throughout the day too, rice terraces, coffee plantation, temples, more temples, bamboo forests, views of the volcano etc. We had a very limited time in Bali and are very glad that we did this day trip as it felt like we got a very good overview of Bali from the one day.

    Porthos (London, United Kingdom)

    December 2012

  • “See the Real Bali”

    We chose Bali's countryside cycling (Bali Hai) because we thought the itenerary seemed the most unique and interesting. We were not disappointed! We were picked up from our hotel around 8 am and drove to a coffee/tea/ spice plantation. The plantation was absolutely beautiful and we were given several free samples of some extremely delicious coffees and teas. Luwak coffee is available for purchase by the glass (around $5 a glass). After the plantation, we were off to Kintami to have brunch overlooking Mt. Batur. Following brunch, we drove for a short while to the starting point of the bicycle ride. The bike ride is very simple. It is almost entirely downhill, so athletic stamina is not necessary. The ability to ride a bike is necessary. (We had 2 women on our tour who had a great deal of difficulty balancing on a bike.)The tour travels approximately 30-40 km through villages, bamboo forests, temples, fruit markets, rice fields, farmland, steep/twisting roads...the REAL Bali. One of my favorite things was listening to the chickens at various villages "serenading" us as we drove by. I also enjoyed seeing all of the children that were standing at the sides of the road shouting "Hello friend" and "Money!" The tour ends at the owner's family compound where you are greeted with a cold towel and are treated to a delicious Balinese lunch- all while overlooking a beautiful terraced rice field.

    Our entire family participated in this event. My 4 year old son rode in a special seat on the back of my bike. My 10 year old daughter rode the entire length. My 7 year old daughter only rode for approximately 1 km and then rode in the back of a van for the remainder of the trip. Prior to this trip, our 7 year old daughter had never used brakes that were on the handlebars of a bike. It was far too difficult for her to compress the brake. Due to the downhill nature of the entire trip, if someone is not comfortable with hand brakes, this tour could prove to be too difficult/dangerous. If you are considering bringing children on the trip, you may wish to bring your own child bike helmets. The helmet provided for my 4 year old was a perfect fit, but we had to do some significant adjustments to the other children's helmets before they were considered (in my opinion) good enough. Overall. this was such a great experience!

    Liu (Wuhan, China)

    October 2012

  • “Fantastic ride!”

    We highly recommend this bike ride for anyone wanting to see a more real side to Bali. The tour guide(s) were fantastic, courteous, and looked after our every need - especially safety (at road crossings), which we really appreciated. The lunch at the end was also superb w/ a great view of the valley and ocean. Very well organized.

    Rommy (Canada)

    October 2012

  • “Only one in Bali”

    I had a great time, great value, great countryside and really discovering the real Bali with Bali Hai Bike Tour professional team accompany us.

    The ride takes you through an amazing bamboo forest and Penglipuram, Kehen temple some beautiful Balinese villages with impressive temples, also the bikes were new and had good suspension with front and rear disc brakes which added to the enjoyment of the ride.

    I would highly recommend Bali Hai Bike Tours and you can be sure of a great fun day and only one company with Best Bike Tour.

    Dean (Gérardmer, France)

    October 2012

  • “Great way to see the real Bali”

    We would have missed out on a traditional village, rice paddies without this tour.

    Our numerous guides were very friendly (we had trouble understanding them at times) and always kept safety in mind when crossing intersections. The scenery was spectacular.

    It was a bit of a challenge for teh driver to find our villa in Seminyak and be aware that the drive to the start of the tour takes about an hour and a half.

    The food we were served was delicious. Breakfast was served at 11 AM at a restaurant with a view of the mountain. I personally didn't think that part of the tour was very interesting but I thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the day.

    I particularly liked the balinese buffet at the end of the tour with the view of the rice paddies.

    Overall this tour was well worth the price and I would recommend it.

    Steffany (Los Angeles, CA)

    October 2012

  • “Cycling session in Bali was the best activities ever”

    For many years I have not cycling, but when I was in Bali in Sept 2012, I had booked countryside cycling package. I found out it was very very fun. During the session, we (there were a group of cyclers) were visited some places such as paddy fields, local balinese traditional houses, temple, bamboo forest, etc....

    I would do it again whenever I have a chance to do so. It was very unique and fun experience indeed.

    Maria (Subang Jaya, Malaysia)

    September 2012

  • “A highly recommended bicycle tour in Bali”

    The first adventure we had in Bali was a bicycle tour through the countryside. It had great reviews on TripAdvisor so we were excited to go. What we didn't know is that we would be the only guests! It was the two of us, our guide and two other men (who I'm pretty sure were there to make sure I stayed safe- they must have had bad luck with women riders in the past). In addition to that, there was a van, with two other men, that followed us around. In summary, we were treated like royalty.

    The bike tour started at the top of small mountain that overlooks Batur volcano and a nearby lake. There we had breakfast which consisted of fried bananas, noodles and eggs. The view was incredible and it was amazing to watch the fog roll in and out of the valley.

    After breakfast, we drove a little further to the starting point of our bike tour. Throughout the tour, our guide let us choose if we wanted to take the easy path or the hard path. Since I was the only girl, I had to make that decision and of course, I had to choose the hard one. I wasn't going to look like a wimp! It turned out to be quite easy, physically, as most of the ride was downhill. It was the steep curves, mud and gravel that made it a bit tricky. I only fell once and it was one of those sliding-in-the-mud-slow-motion falls. Not too bad. We rode through bamboo forests, small villages and rice paddies.

    The Balinese were celebrating a holiday during the time we were there (forgive me for not remembering the name!) so we saw a lot of palm leaves woven with flowers as offerings. These children were playing with a bunch of leaves and flowers which were on the ground in their village.

    The woman on the left is carrying a chicken in her hand and an umbrella on her head. Talent.

    The scenery was beautiful. At one point of the journey, we came across some kids fishing in a lake. They were quite shy, but ended up posing for a few fish photos before we left.

    At the end of our tour, our guide took us to his "restaurant" which is run by the wives. I say "restaurant" because I'm not even sure people would ever be able to find it. It's in the middle of some rice terraces and you have to hike a bit off the road to find it. It was a really neat experience, though because we got to eat with his family and the family of the other guides. The food was really, really good and he even picked us some young coconuts. The bike tour was definitely the highlight of the trip. We biked about 45 km in the rain and saw so many beautiful areas. I highly recommend it to anyone traveling to Bali.

    Jenny (Casablanca, Morocco)

    September 2012

  • “Great ride, Great views, Great guides!”

    This was such a great activity. We were collected and driven to breakfast with a stunning view of the volcanoes and lake. Then off we went for our ride (wear sunscreen!!!).

    The locations we rode through and villages we saw were beautiful. I hadn't been on a bike for about 20 years but it was easy enough and the guides were so helpful. We were able to take it at our own pace and the ride finished with a delicious lunch over looking beautiful rice fields. The whole team involved with Bali Hai were so friendly and helpful. Would highly recommend this tour for anybody who is keen for a pleasant ride in a beautiful area of Bali.

    Shanell S (Perth, Western Australia)

    September 2012

  • “Great Ride, Great Team at Bali Hai Bike Tours - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED”

    On 26th September 2012 we did the full day bike tour with Bali Hai. It was a FANTASTIC day. My partner & our boys aged 12 & 13 came along too.The ride is not hard at all, a couple of spots you need to give some real pedal power, but mostly rolling along. The spots they took us through was gorgeous, small villages where local children ran out & greeted us. Through rice fields, bamboo forests and also temples, with explanations all about the temple and their ceremonies made it so much better. We got to see a traditional village and even go into one of the homes, very gracious people the Balinese, just love them. The guides made sure at any time we were on main roads (but not real busy ones) we had clear access to cross or turn, we always felt safe. Ended the ride at a rice paddy with a divine traditional lunch.

    AWESOME !!!!!

    Kerrie H (Melbourne, Australia)

    September 2012

  • “Awesome tour”

    We did the full day bike tour with Bali Hai to see the real Bali . The guides were great, biking was awesome and programs was lovely.

    Jordan (Belfast, United Kingdom)

    September 2012

  • “Excellent”

    This was the best tour we did in Bali. we started off in a fruit plantation where they have the luwak coffee. We had breakfast over looking Mt Batur which was gorgeous. The tour guide was so friendly, knowledgeable, and fun. Very happy that we went through a bamboo forest as it is something you do not see usually. Went to temples and residences. BALI HAI BIKE TOUR is Excellent activity for all the family.

    Dofee G (Sydney, Australia)

    September 2012

  • “A great way to witness Bali life”

    When in Bali you must do this tour. Starting with the trip up the mountain stopping for a coffee then continuing to the top for a relaxed brunch. Then the a very safe and easy downhill ride through lovely interesting scenery. The tour company riders look after you so well and are such fun to ride with. We had an awesome time. The meal afterwards was fantastic - the best authentic Bali food we had during our week in Bali. We were just a group of 4 and we loved it. Book this tour it is fantastic!!!

    Janne (Auckland Region, New Zealand)

    August 2012

  • “Good Cycling”

    Excellent activity for all the family. We were picked up from our hotel and went to the volcano. Stopped off at coffee plantation. There was a short car trip after breakfast and we got on our bikes. Mostly it it down hill. Very happy that we went through a bamboo forest as it is something you do not see usually. Went to temples and residences.

    Cycling is not hard and is easy for both young and old. Mostly it is off the main roads which was good. There is a car which follows so if you want to stop you can. The guides are full of knowledge and are excellent.

    Karsha (Sydney, Australia)

    August 2012

  • “Rice Fields”

    We visited rice fields in the middle of island and saw small villages with bananas trees and visited fruit market with many kinds of fruits and tasted them, we tasted coconut "drink" and feel short rain under the rice field. Everything is green, it very nice. Recommended.

    Martina N (Brno, Czech Republic)

    August 2012

  • “The best way to see hidden Bali”

    The bike tour with Bali Hai Bike tour was the highlight of our brief stay in Bali. We were the only people on the tour, and our guide, Kadek, was great. We saw so much of the hidden Bali and learned a lot about its history Balinese life. I'd highly recommend it!

    Jenny Chang (Hong Kong, China)

    August 2012

  • “Excellent trip, excellent guide!”

    This was probably one of the best tours of this one week Bali trip - we got all the info, saw all the good places hidden in Bali - and the guide told us a lot of funny and interesting facts about everything and nothing. (I think guide name was Wayan). Anyway, this is very recommendable - do it!

    Bali Hai Bike is the best one company cycling in Bali.

    Jon (Austin, Texas)

    August 2012

  • “Ask for it by name - Bali Hai Cycling”

    There are many cycling tours out of Ubud but after scouting several, I chose this based on the itinerary. I wasn't disappointed. This is a very safe, very gentle route that skips most of the highways and takes you through scenic backroads including a bamboo forest, a Balinese village and a temple (Pura Kehen). Best of all, the guides are informative and accommodating and made the tour really pleasant for someone like me who hadn't ridden a bike in 25 years. With a guide in front, one on the side and at the back, plus a back-up vehicle (which I rode after 2/3s of the way through), this is the safest set-up indeed if you have a weak rider like me in the group. The tour is capped with an excellent traditional lunch set up in a hut in the rice paddies. At 50USD, this tour costs about 20% more than the typical bike tour, but is really worth it for the excellent service. The bike tour is a must-do to see the real Bali.

    Christian (Manila, Philippines)

    July 2012

  • “Our best day out in Bali”

    Our party of seven adults and four kids and a baby were really well looked after during our private tour. We had three kids on their own bikes and one in a cycle seat on the back of his Dad's bike no problems with any of the bikes. We enjoyed the coffee plantation stop, the kids got to grind coffee and we tasted all the different varieties before buying some in the shop. Then it was off to the volcano area Mt Batur for a breakfast at a wonderful little restaurant with a balcony giving us great views of the volcano.

    We got on the bike after breakfast and then the fun really started, 30km of down hill action! Our kids aged 10, 8 and 7 were able to cope with the forest rides and down the back streets of Bali to the village compound where we got to see a traditional style house and meet the family living there. The kids rode for about half the route, we were advised when they should get in the support van as we got onto some roads, not particularly busy, but we all picked up a bit of speed down hill and it may have tested them, and slowed us all down. Other highlights were the temple visit and then finishing through the rice paddies, with a wonderful lunch at a quaint little cafe built in the middle of a rice paddy! Food was never ending and great quality.

    The organisation and safety of this tour sets them apart, at all times we had a guide at the front in the middle and behind, with others going ahead to stop traffic for us when we were on the busier roads, which wasn't often. Bikes were good quality, helmets provided. We would highly recommend this tour to anyone wanting to see traditional Bali countryside, and enjoy downhill riding all the way!

    Sandra (Perth, Western Australia)

    July 2012

  • “A taste of the real Bali”

    Bali became real when we booked in to do the Bali Hai Bike Tour. The frenetic, exciting press of the Seminyak streets dropped away as we were transported by our driver (who was waiting patiently outside our villa as we emerged) into the countryside. Charming villages, a stop at a coffee plantation and local markets awaited us enroute to our destination.

    The bike experience was enchanting as we cycled through a bamboo forest, along rice fields, with stops at a traditional village and a spectacular temple.

    Now what they can't impart to you in their advertising blurb is the joy of cycling past a mother bathing her children in a little stream, or the grandmother towelling off downstream, or the delight of the local village kids yelling 'hello' as you pedal down their local street. The guides were engaging and informative, on hand to answer a query or enrich your knowledge of Bali-anything. One guide would suddenly pedal up from behind racing forward to safely stop traffic lleaving us free to sail royally through all intersections.

    Bali Hai Bike Tours was an expedition which formed a warm and charming centre of my Bali holiday.

    Princessa (Sydney)

    July 2012

  • “Brilliant countryside adventure”

    We loved our tour - it was one of our favourite things during 2 months in Bali. We saw loads of massive groups on our way to the starting point & I was so grateful to our small group of just 3. The guides were super friendly & helpful - always smiling & helping us to have a laugh.

    Whenever we had to cross a main road, a man would magically appear to stop the traffic & help us across smoothly & safely. The places we saw were brilliantly Balinese. The landscape was beautiful & it was all topped off by the most delicious lunch in a fantastic little restaurant in the middle of a rice paddy. I couldn't recommend this tour highly enough!

    Soulla Demetriou (London, United Kingdom)

    July 2012

  • “Fantastic!”

    Loved this Bike tour! The guides were wonderful, so informative, so friendly & helpful. It was such an excellent way to see bamboo forest, villages & temples. We were staying in Seminyak so it was ideal to see a bit of the countryside & immerse in a bit of culture! It was a nice easy ride, mostly all down hill. Thanks Bali Hai team!

    Jandy (Auckland Region, New Zealand)

    July 2012

  • “Fantastic way to see the real Bali”

    Just got back from a great bike tour with Bali Hai Bike Tours. We were picked up from the hotel in Nusa Dua this morning and went first to a coffee planation. Here, we received a warm welcome and were given a short tour of the planation ending in coffee tasting. From here we traveled by car to Kintamani for breakfast. The views over Mount Batur and Lake Batur were breathtaking!

    After a good breakfast we started our bike tour. Our two guides were enthusiastic and knowledgeable of the local area. They were especially considerate of our two kids (aged 8 & 10) when other traffic was close or when we had to cross a road. We felt safe the whole time and the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

    The tour takes you through the real Bali countryside and really off-road paths through the Bamboo forest. The "traditional" Bali village is beautiful, a bit touristy but still worth visit. The tour ends with a late lunch in the middle of the rice paddy fields. Again the views are amazing. This is a really special way to end a fantastic day.

    Thanks Bali Hai, we really enjoyed our tour today and thanks to our guides and driver for looking after us so well.

    Rossi (Sidney, Australia)

    July 2012

  • “Well worth the money”

    Had a great time, cycling mostly downhill, (my kind on riding), with an excellent young guide, (and part time rice farmer ), whose english was good and he was enthusiastic. Would do it again.

    Geoffrey (Colac, Australia)

    June 2012

  • “See the true Bali on cycle”

    A truly exceptional and offbeat activity. Went with very little expectations but had a great day. Starting from a beautiful view point with breakfast, cycling down inner roads and lanes and a little offroad but mostly downhill, seeing 1000 year old temples and traditional villages. Also, unbelievable care and effort by the Bali Hai team who ensured everything went smoothly and safely. Great experience

    Jude (Mumbai, India)

    June 2012

  • “Great value and safety”

    My husband and I went on this tour yesterday and had an amazing time. There was only one other couple with us, so it was a very personal, private tour. Without repeating the detailed descriptions of other reviewers, I will just add that in this tour you see a lot of variety of rural Bali--from villages to small town to rice paddie and bamboo forests. Also our leader was constantly giving us commentary and information on what we were seeing and very open to questions we had and if we needed to stop.

    Most importantly, it is well organized and I felt safe. They had one leader in front and one in back. They always made sure to ride on the outside, closer to traffic so as to make sure we, who were riding on the inside were farther from any passing traffic. That being said, we only spent a small portion of the time on roads with cars. And when making turns on or off these roads, they were two cars and men ahead of us stopping traffic. I liked that the guide at the back would tell me, 'start breaking from here, or 'go slower down this hill' because he knew what was ahead and if there was a turn or bumpy patch of road. They were also quite accomodating when the path was too narrow between rice paddies and irrigation canal. I simply got off and walked.

    On our way up to the starting point, we saw another large tour group going down a very busy, almost highway type of road with just one guy at the front--I'm glad that wasn't us! Although they are 15-20 USD more than the brochures you can pick up at the airport, I think safety and quality make this tour a good value.

    Also, the food and setting at the end are AMAZING! I would definitely do this again and recommend to family and friends.

    Sarah (Jeddah, KSA)

    June 2012

  • “Great day out!”

    My boyfriend and I ended up being the only ones on our tour and we had the best time. The main guide was very informative and friendly and we got to see so much of the countryside. The first stop was at a coffee plantation where we got to try heaps of different coffee & tea. We also went to a fantastic restaurant for breakfast which had amazing views of the volcano & lake and ended the tour with a delicious lunch. The tour took us through paddy fields, villages & temples and ensured that we saw a lot of Bali that we wouldn't have otherwise got to experience.

    Jenny (Sydney, Australia)

    June 2012

  • “Highlight of the trip”

    This was the best activity I did on my trip to Bali. The guides were excellent and we felt really safe with them. They were always looking out for us and stopping traffic to let us cross roads if they were busy! We started with an amazing breakfast overlooking the volcano and lake. Followed by a trip to a coffee plantation which was really interesting.

    This was followed by the 2hr bike ride through villages and temples which was just stunning. The riding is fairly active for someone like me who doesn't cycle at home and had a cracked rib (!) but certainly manageable and worth the effort! It's also mostly downhill so you can get away with coasting for a lot of it. We finished off with a fantastic walk through the paddy fields where we stopped to help the local ladies beating the rice. And then lunch at another beautiful location in the paddy fields with excellent food.

    It was an amazing trip and we all agreed one of the best things we did.

    Rebecca (Bristol, United Kingdom)

    June 2012

  • “Awesome tour”

    What a great tour this is. For someone who is not a bike rider at all I thoroughly enjoyed this as well as my husband who is a cyclist and mountain biker. The actually start of the riding to the finish where you have lunch takes about 3.5 hours with stops along the way, but it is nearly full day activities as you stop for luwak coffee and then views of the volcano Gunung Batur before starting the cycling. It is mainly downhill with a few uphills to get through but for someone who is not fit all I found this no problem.

    The bikes were in very good condition and there was a guide at the front, the middle and the end. As other reviewers have noted a guide would ride up ahead when coming from a back road onto a main road and stop traffic so we would slow down for the approach and then smoothly get on the main road for a short period before turning off again. This was very comforting and I didn't feel in danger at all with the main traffic zipping past.

    Riding through the bamboo forest was a highlight as well as the stops to see the real Bali such as visiting a family house and compound as well as a beautiful 11th Century temple that is not overun with tourists.

    After the ride finishes you walk a short way through some beautiful rice paddies to have lunch overlooking more rice terraces and it is a lovely end to the tour.

    As some other reveiwers have pointed out, even though breakfast is included in the price we choose to have something light before being picked up as coming from Seminyak to Kintamani via Ubud it wasn't until 11am that we sat down for some breakfast which was good for a top up before the cycling started.

    Highly recommend this tour and it is really good value for a full day out.

    Thanks keep up the good work

    Lentilau (Canberra, Australia)

    June 2012

  • “Fantastic bike tour”

    We've been back from our holiday in Bali a week already, and I'm still smiling from this bike tour we did at the start. The reviews we had read on trip advisor beforehand sounded really good. And we were not disappointed. Our driver picked us up from the villas on time, well, he was early, we were late. He also turned out to be one of the support vehicle drivers and photographer, using my camera, did a great job!! Picked up 4 others on the way and off we all went.

    First stop was the coffee plantation, where we were able to taste Luwak coffee, if so desired. The tour of the plantation was interesting and informative. From there it was on to breakfast at Kintamano. Fabulous views of Mount Batur and the crater lake. A bit further on and we collected our bikes. All bikes seemed to be in really good condition, and after minor seat adjustments, helmet fittings, briefing from our guides, and photographs, we set off.

    The ride was fantastic. Mostly downhill, mostly on back roads, tracks, narrow bridges, stairs. All along we received friendly waves from locals, especially the kids. Each time we came to cross a real road, our backup drivers were there to stop traffic and get us across or along with safety. We definitely saw some sights that we would have missed without our guides. The traditional village was yet another informative and enlightening highlight of the ride. The approx. 3.5 hour ride was over all too soon. As the ride is mostly downhill the left hand on the back brakes gets a good workout. My wife was quite tired by the end. I am a cyclist and I wanted more. So I guess that makes the ride a good balance. But then we had a fabulous home cooked lunch put on by one of our guides wife and family. Awesome food and and spectacular scenery.
    I cannot recommend this tour highly enough. They delivered everything promised in the brochure with expert guidance and most of all, fun!! I will definitely do this tour again when next we visit Bali. Well worth the money.

    Andrew T (Sydney, Australia)

    May 2012

  • “Smiles from start to finish”

    Thanks Bali Hai, what a treat! In a world where things are either fake or electronic this was real and alive. All the staff genuinely enjoyed guiding us, were engaging and considerate.

    Alastair (Ipswich, Australia)

    May 2012

  • “Local Experience”

    I was referred to this company by my driver Made Antara. This cycle tour was excellent & was good value for money (& also included two meals & a driver & a view of mount Kintamani along the way).

    The staff team provided more than adequate help & were friendly. It is a great way to experience Ubud away from the crowded tourist shopping areas. The villages & farms along the way were the highlight for me, as well as experiencing being able to tackle the Bali roads (which turned out to be easier than it looks)! There was one beautiful road that wound from the upper end of a tropical valley (although that was infact a busy & faster strip where we needed to attend to the road more than the valley unfortunately!). There were villages with beautiful ceremonial lanterns & people working the land & using raw materials to make objects along the way. The final part of the tour is a truly world class destination which I won't say more about, so as not to spoil the surprise! The beautiful staff come from Ubud & provide an authentic & local touch. Watch out for a few pot-holes along the way (the staff will hopefully show you!) & enjoy the downhill glide (we did about 32km easily)!

    I only wish it was all mapped out for me so that I can do it again oneday!

    Julia (Sydney, Australia)

    May 2012

  • “Great way to see the countryside”

    This was one of the best things we did in Bali. Well organized, safe and really awesome fun cycling through working rice paddies and down country roads. It only requires mild to moderate fitness as it's mainly downhill. Awesome lunch at the end. Some of the best food we had in bali! I liked that it covered quieter roads as we saw other tours leaving from Kintamani on the main road. I wouldn't be very confident with this due to the traffic.

    Stop at coffee plantation was also really interesting and our guide was excellent. Coffee tasting was good fun too.

    Highly recommended!!!

    Nathan (Melbourne, Australia)

    April 2012

  • “The cycle tour was the highlight of our visit to Bali!”

    We have just returned from Ubud where the highlight of our trip was the Bali Hai Bike Tour. There were only 4 of us in our group and we were taken care of by their driver who picked us up promptly from our hotel at 9am, 2 knowledgeable guides, and another assistant.

    Breakfast is provided but we had already eaten, so we were driven straight to an informative agri-tourist post for a look at how coffee and spices are grown and processed followed by a coffee tasting itself. We then drove on to meet our guides and were outfitted with bikes, helmets, and water before pushing off for an easy, mostly down-hill excursion that routed us through the most lush countryside. You simply do not see this view from a car on the road. We passed through villages, people's backyards, temples and rice terraces.

    Everywhere we went, kids, dogs and people waved friendly greetings. Our driver and assistant met us at busier intersections, simply to make sure we passed through safely. At the end of the 3.5 hours, with frequent stops for photos etc) we were taken to a clean pavilion and treated to a sumptuous homecooked meal (by some of our guides' wives!). I would recommend this tour without hesitation. The company is only 7 months old and the employees are earnest in wanting to do the best job they can. Allow for a full day though as the cycling doesn't get underway until close to noon. We were driven back to our hotel around 4pm.

    Ramona S (Singapore)

    March 2012

  • “Unique cycling experience”

    We took the Bali countryside cycling tour with Kadek, Wayan and Eddie in March and had a fantastic time, the tour is seemlessly organised and offers a variety of routes depending on your confidence levels. We stopped at a coffee and tea plantations, a bamboo plantation, volcano, local villages and a number of temples a long the way before stopping for a fantastic lunch prepared by Eddie's wife. It was definately one of the highlights of our trip, highly recommended!

    Anisha S (London, UK)

    March 2012

  • “Seriously wonderful bike tour”

    We had a seriously wonderful time on this bike tour and saw a lot of Bali that we otherwise would not have seen. The co-ordination of the team was also very impressive and we felt well looked after at all times.

    We were impressed by Eddie (the lead tour guide). He is such a wonderful person and has an infectious personality, which makes the tour very entertaining. The lunch at the end is also delicious and home cooked by the wives of the team.

    Marcela & Michael (Hong Kong, China)

    March 2012

  • “Fantastic Ride, Fabulous Balinese Food!”

    This is a must for anyone travelling to Bali for the first time. I got to see the real Bali during this tour! Eddie and Wayan were fantastic guides and other guys did great jobs of making sure we were safe on the roads and took some great snaps of us on the tour. A must if you're interested in learning about the Balinese culture or just want a relaxing day away from the Bali tourist hot spots.

    We rode through the villages, rice terraces and saw many beautiful temples. Our guides wife and family member prepared a spectacular balinese lunch atop the rice terraces. Truely the best meal I had during my holiday.

    Great day! Someone needs to invent lounge-seat bike though!

    Jade D (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)

    March 2012

  • “Best day/tour in Bali by far”

    The trip was excellent, best expereince of Bali away from tourists and loads of fun. The guides were friendly and helpful. While riding there were extra guides who seemed to always arrive ahead of us on main roads to make sure we crossed safely. Far majority of riding though is smaller paths through rice fields, forrests and small villages. Bikes were in good condition and guides knowledgable. Everything advertised on their website is true (although our group didn't stop and do things like wander through the market or plant rice etc, we road on through).

    Great catering for vegetarians at the lunch too.

    Would do this tour again!

    Rebecca M (Canberra, Australia)

    February 2012

  • “Safety Conscious”

    Although this tour is a bit more expensive than some of the others I was really impressed with the care taken in regard to the safety of the riders. There were two guides, one in the front and one in the back, at all times. The driver went ahead and at any more major road crossing there were TWO employees of the company holding the traffic so it was safe to cross the road. How impressive is that! I was by far the oldest bike rider on the trip, I am 57, and although I am quite fit I am not a regular bike rider, but I felt well catered for and looked after.

    Thank you for a magic day!

    Allyson (Sidney, Australia)

    January 2012

  • “Super way to experience Bali!”

    Very nice tour. I was skeptical about the "coffee plantation," but it was a nice stop with no pressure to buy Kopi Luwak, Breakfast was fine, with a great view. The bike route is wonderful, avoiding traffic and giving you a chance to see Balinese life. Our guide was helpful and friendly. When one of us had a tumble, he applied first aide and was very solicitous. The meal provided at the end of the tour was a real treat, delicious but different from what you will find in the restaurants. Highly recommended.

    Laurel (Maryland, USA)

    December 2011

  • “Beautiful Bali By Bike”

    This is a fantastic bike tour through stunning Bali landscapes and a real insight into the culture and traditions of the wonderful Balinese people. Decent bikes and a competent and friendly tour leader. Best way to see Bali is on two wheels. Highly recommended..

    Peter R (London, United Kingdom)

    October 2011

  • “A fantastic cycling experience with a difference”

    My husband, daughter of 15 years and myself had a great day with Bali Hai Bike Tours. Kadek Yasa, our enthusiastic tour guide, was very competent, safety concious, informative and good fun to be with. The bikes were in a pristine condition and easy to use.

    I was attracted to Bali Hai because of the mix of culture, cycling, meeting local people and eating in a typical Balinese home and we were definitely not disappointed. We were picked up bang on time and taken to a lovely place in the countryside for breakfast - we could try about 6 different coffees and teas and we tried some Balinese specialities. A nice way to start the day.

    We were then taken to our bycycles and off we went through ricefields, bamboo forest and villages. On the way we stopped to see the making of bamboo containers and the harvesting of rice by hand. A visit to the Bali Aga village of Penglipuran was special. We were able to meet a family and they invited us to see their home. Later on we also visited 'Pura Kehen', one of the most important and beautiful temples in Bali. After an enjoyable time cycling and visiting, the cherry on the cake was having lunch at Kadek's home. We were greeted by his wife, who is an excellent cook, his 2 adorable children and his parents. On arrival we were given a refreshing towelette and fresh coconut milk (drunk out of a coconut) and after enjoying our drink and a chat we sat down for a feast. It was one of the best meals we had in Bali. It was so nice to have the opportunity to enjoy the company of the family. We were made very welcome.

    We highly recommend Bali Hai Bike tours. It definitely was the best day we had in Bali.

    Jackie, Philip and Emma Grima (St.Julian's, France)

    September 2011

  • “Brilliant Bali Bike Tour”

    A Bali Hai Bike Tour is by far and away the best way to get to see and feel the real Bali. A combination of on road off road, downhill most of the way without anything really technical. The ride takes you through an amazing bamboo forest and some beautiful Balinese villages with impressive temples. The bikes were new and had good suspension with front and rear disc brakes which added to the enjoyment of the ride. The tour leader was friendly and helpful and pick up from the hotel and drop off at the starting point was included in the price. I would highly recommend Bali Hai Bike Tours and you can be sure of a great fun day.

    David (Hong Kong)

    September 2011