Bali bike ride through the bamboo forest

Photo Gallery Bali Hai Tour

Exploring the deepest of Bali's countryside
with Shirley, Mike and Catalina (Taiwan)

Photos collection of Bali's countryside cycling trip with Shirley, Mike and Catalina, three close friends from Taiwan

green countryside cycling green countryside bike tour green countryside village amazing green countryside back roads stunning bali village passing the village through small path cycling through beautiful village village near bamboo forest bamboo craftsmen along the way off road to bamboo forest entering bamboo forest riding inside the bamboo forest cycle through  bamboo forest bamboo forest path amazing bamboo forest cycle through the forest end of bamboo forest visiting penglipuran looking inside the traditional balinese house local plantation at penglipuran leaving penglipuran village through another secret back road through another secret back road #2 end of another secret back road Ride through plantation #1 Ride through plantation #2 Ride through green plantation Ride through bush downhill bali village green vilage's street another green vilage's street uphill ahead downhill all the way downhill bali bike track entering kehen temple first courtyard of Kehen temple inner courtyard of Kehen temple leaving Kehen temple at bangli local market quiet main road of countryside green street of bali ride pass quiet road nice view of rural landscape entering secret path we have to walk down here through the tiny stream another country road country road with rice paddies finish point with beautiful backdrop short trekking through rice paddies