Bali bike ride through the bamboo forest

Photo Gallery Bali Hai Tour

Two wheels countryside tour
with Gwen & Renae's family (Australia)

Photo collection of countryside bike tour & adventure with Gwen, Renae, Jarred and their three young kids.

briefing from guide bike tour started scooter option for young kid quiet countryside of bali quiet green countryside bali rural village village road baby seat option typical countryside road secret back roads shady track tranquil village dense bamboo forest bamboo forest riding with children bamboo forest couple ride through the bamboo forest exploring bamboo forest family photo inside forest children playing at bamboo forest inside bamboo forest bali bike riding through the bamboo forest penglipuran temple penglipuran village visit traditional village penglipuran traditional house compounds looking around inside the compound visit bali traditional village with kid penglipuran village main street with baby at penglipuran tranquil traditional village village back road hidden back roads with baby through the hidden track with scooter spectacular hidden track passing the hidden track shady hidden track scootering through plantation kehen temple inside kehen temple peeking the cock fighting event holy courtyard of kehen temple about kehen temple visiting temple with kids banyan tree inside the temple family photo couple photo visiting water temple amazing pura taman water temple kids enjoy playing near the lake narrow path cycling small road around the water temple river side track rice paddies track river side rice paddies track another countryside road paddies side track short trekking stream rice paddies trekking at the restaurant choosing the menu yummi balinese food back to hotel
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