Bali bike ride through the bamboo forest

Ride through the amazing bamboo forest

(Exclusive from Bali Hai Tour - Cycling Trip)

amazing bamboo forest track

We will ride through an incredible 7.5 hectare of bamboo forest where you will be able to see traditional craftsmen at work. We will NOT just pass the forest by the main road, but we will take you deeply into the forest through some secret paths to reveal the hidden beauty of Bali's exotic nature. Most of the tracks are shaded by the dense bamboo trees even on the brightest daylight.

Bamboo forest bike ride Bamboo forest photo spot

This rare opportunity is made available for you ONLY by Bali Hai Tour Cycling team. Some other cycling companies try to imitate and even try to ‘steal’ this unique cycling track by spying and trailing us during the tours but eventually get lost in the middle of the forest.

Bike ride through the bamboo forest Bamboo forest cycling tour

Don't worry of getting lost.
Our guide leader at front will lead your way and another guide behind you will be the last man of the group to make sure there are no participant get lost or left behind.

Immense bamboo forest Bamboo forest pathway Bamboo forest trails

Bamboo is considered as one of the most important plants in Bali. Nearly any part of bamboo can be useful for daily life of Balinese people. We can see bamboos are being used as handicrafts, household equipments, furnitures, food, medicines etc.
Bamboo is even required in every Balinese Hindu's ceremonies and rituals, that's why bamboos have notable economic and cultural significance in Bali.

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